Mossy Creek Dojo Fee Change

Starting September 1, 2016, Mossy Creek Dojo is going to be increasing the monthly membership fee from $50 to $60. We are doing this for two reasons. First, this will help cover the overhead costs of running the dojo. We are close. Last year the dojo only lost $22. Second, […]

Custom Bokuto Tsuba

Over the last two years I have been doing more jodo work than any other time in my martial arts training except maybe when I first started and I went to every class offered in every discipline I could find. I have two bokuto at Mossy Creek Dojo – one […]

Judo Warmup

When I started judo and aikido way back in 1990, our warmup routine consisted of a lot of static stretches. In judo we performed a lot of stances that seemed more like what our kicking and punching colleagues were doing. We rotated almost every joint in its full range of […]

Center of Gravity in Martial Arts

In the martial arts world, we talk a lot about center of gravity of a person. We generally refer to the center of gravity of a male as being a few inches below the navel; but is this the correct location? Is center of gravity even what we are concerned […]

Tennessee State Judo Championship Results 2014

Congratulations to two of Mossy Creek Dojo Competitors who did a great job representing the dojo at the 2014 Tennessee State Judo Championships. Andrew Vanderford took Silver in the State in Senior Men 161-177 pounds. This is a great shot of Andrew throwing during the tournament. All of these photos […]