Mossy Creek Dojo is fortunate to have several qualified and respected instructors in the various arts we study.

Dr. John Kirby

John Kirby started martial arts training in 1990 in Kodokan Judo, Tomiki Ryu Aikido and Shindo Muso Ryu Jodo. He has studied other martial arts forms of various types over the years. He has studied with John Usher, Chris Dewey, Karl Geis, Dr. Gary Berliner, Nick Lowry, Price Jacobs, Bob Byrd, Larry Beard, Patrick Parker and many others in dojo’s across the country. He continues his study of these arts. Dr. Kirby currently works as a physician in the Jefferson City area of East Tennessee.

Yondan Judo United States Judo Association

Rokudan Tomiki Ryu Aikido Kaze Uta Budo Kai

Dr. Steve Karr

Steve Karr started Judo training in 1977 at University of Georgia Judo Club.   He studied under Bruce Toups at the Black Belt School of Judo in Atlanta GA where he received his shodan. He is an avid competitor, competing in the US Judo National Championships in 1981. He is currently a faculty member at Carson-Newman since 1987.

Nidan Judo United States Judo Association 1988

Nidan Kenpo Karate

Certified instructor in RAD, Martial Athletics

Dr. Buck Allum

Kenneth “Buck” Allum MD started his martial arts training at the age of 9 years old at a WSCC karate class hosted by Dr Ford. He then began once again in the same style under two of Dr Ford’s students, John and Lola Thuren from the ages of 10-13 earning a green belt. When that class disbanded and after he lost a fair amount of baby fat, he resumed Shorin -ryu karate with Lola and one of her black belts Steve Hammer. This was a time of greatest intensity and he earned Ikkyu (upper brown belt). Unfortunately before earning black belt, he left for college in Atlanta.

In Atlanta began Ki Society Aikido from shodan Frank Walkenberg while at Emory University. He was ranked again as a 2nd kyu in this style. He began to progress in the art eventually training at Dogwood Aikikia when once again moved this time to Memphis for school.

In Memphis he could not initially find an Aikido school to his liking, but was introduced to Judo by a classmate. During the first years of medical school trained intensely with Clay Morgan at Bartlett Judo Club and earned his orange belt there. During this period he competed in regional tournaments.

While in Memphis at the request of a friend also attended Memphis Aikido reearning kyu ranks in their system.

During the years in Knoxville trained at Lakeridge Martial arts in Alcoa under Mike and Paul Carter. This was more of a MMA school. An orange belt was awarded in their system of grappling. This school is now TNBJJ and Buck still trains there occasionally on Saturdays in BJJ

Shodan Judo United States Judo Association