Here I will keep a list of other internet sites that are either informational, occasionally commercial, and mostly other dojos where I have either personally trained, or they come highly recommended by someone I respect and trust. I now have enough links on here I decided to reorder then alphabetically.

Atlanta Martial Arts I have not worked out at this particular dojo but I have trained quite some time with Bob Byrd whom they have in charge of their judo program.

Austin Center For Martial Arts Eric Pearson has a wealth of experience in Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu, Tomiki Ryu Aikido, and judo. He is a great teacher to be around.

B. Bellerud Maker Blane Bellerud is my friend and one of my first judo teachers. He has represented the USA internationally in judo kata. He has made two custom tsuba for me that are wonderful. Check out his wares and order some for yourself.

Budo Bum Blog Blog of my friend Peter Boylan. He is based in Detroit and has been training in judo and jodo longer than I have. He has lived in Japan and travels there often. His blog is a very intelligent read on various budo topics. If we are lucky we may get him to stop by Mossy Creek Dojo to bestow some teaching on us.

Joe Kemmerer Wrestling Joe is a two time NCAA wrestling champion from Kutztown University. He currently lives in East Tennessee and provides wrestling clinics in the region and across the country.

Judo Info The goto resource on the web for general information pertaining to judo.  Supporting scientific research into judo.

Karl Geis Karl died in 2014 after a long career devoted to excellence in the martial arts. He was a profound technician teaching judo, aikido, and jodo from his Houston Dojo. He has couched many fine instructors and international level competitors over the years.

Kaze Uta Budokai The governing body for my lineage of aikido.

Kodokan The original judo dojo founded by Dr. Kano in Japan.

Leo White Judo Leo White was arriving in Atlanta as I was leaving so I did not get to train with him. I have met him in social occasions and have friends who have trained with him. He has an excellent attitude and excellent teacher.

Mississippi State University Aikido Club This is my original dojo starting my freshman year in college with Dr. John Usher, Dr. Chris Dewey, and Blaine Bellerud.

Mokuren Dojo  My friend Pat Parker’s dojo in Southwest Mississippi. He also maintains an excellent blog.

Nasa Space Ship Design  NASA gives us a wealth of information on human size and performance characteristics. You can measure the center of gravity of different size people using the formulas in Figure

NC Judo Good information on the clubs in North Carolina as well as a good calendar of upcoming events.

Popkin and Brogna Jujitsu Dojo of Howard Popkin and Joseph Brogna both excellent martial artists and all around fun guys. They have roots in Daito Ryu Aikijujitsu.

No Nonsense Self Defense Marc McYoung’s informational website on his take of combative arts.

Tennessee BJJ and Judo Club Dr. Rick Sparks and Mike Carter run a safe quality club in Alcoa TN with a strong newaza emphasis.

United States Judo Association The national governing body through which we register our club members.

USA Judo The organization that was formerly USJI. It is another governing body of judo in the U.S.A. It is responsible for organization of the judo Olympic team.

UT Martial Arts The umbrella organization of martial arts on the University of Tennessee campus. They have classes in judo, jujitsu, karate, taekwondo, and kendo. Mike Takata and Don Tyrell teach the judo classes.

Windsong Dojo Nick Lowry’s excellent dojo in Oklahoma City. Nick has an extensive library of instructional videos on you tube.

I am sure I have left off many important sites. I am also sure I have made mistakes on this page. If I have left off a link or misspoke about a link above please leave a comment or send me an email.