Mossy Creek Dojo Fee Change

Starting September 1, 2016, Mossy Creek Dojo is going to be increasing the monthly membership fee from $50 to $60. We are doing this for two reasons. First, this will help cover the overhead costs of running the dojo. We are close. Last year the dojo only lost $22. Second, this will make it easier to pay. A lot of people pay and need $10 change for the three $20 they just got from the ATM. We try to keep no cash at the dojo so making change is difficult.

Remember, the dojo is for everyone. All of the instructors at Mossy Creek Dojo teach on a voluntary basis. Still we have expenses – electric bill, gas bill, water bill, rent, insurance, business fees and licenses, etc.

Even at $60 per month, we remain one of the best value martial art facilities in the area with quality mats, safe large space, and experienced teachers.

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