New Dojo Start

October 2013 731Since 2001 there has been a dedicated group of Judo practitioners in Jefferson City TN. Over the past decade we have worked out in community centers, dance studios, karate dojos, basements, and college recreation rooms. All of these areas were cost effective but they have downsides. They tend to have limited access, limited scheduling options, and poor work out surfaces. We would also lose 20 minutes or more of each class laying out mats and then taking up mats.

Dr Allum and I have talked about having our own dojo for the past 5 years. Finally in Summer 2013 these ideas are becoming a reality. We have bought the Jefferson City Church of God location. We are currently bringing the bathrooms to ADA standards, improving exit signage, etc to get a certificate of occupancy. We then plan on laying a 60 tatami mat area over a sprung floor. We should have the best work out surface in the area.

Dr Steve Karr, a biology professor from Carson Newman University is also involved in our endevour. He is currently teaching a PE judo class at Carson Newman. Shaun Mason is another judoka involved in our endevour, currently teaching a class at the Fuzion Dance Studio.

The website is obviously a work in progress as is the dojo at this point.

John Kirby

As of January 14th all classes are now meeting in the new dojo at 711 E Highland Street, Jefferson City, TN.

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