As you increase in skill you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of various forms and techniques.  In recognition of these capabilities, you will be awarded a different color belt (obi) that signifies your skill level.  Before you are allowed to demonstrate your techniques, you must satisfy three requirements.  First is a specified number of hours on the mat, and the second is the capability to perform the designated techniques.  The third requirement is the approval of your sensei.

When you are demonstrating your techniques you are performing a kata, a set series of techniques performed in an exact manner.  All techniques within the forms must be demonstrated from both the left and right sides.  Your instructor will provide you with specific details on demonstrating.

Rank in Judo is recognized through the United States Judo Association. Membership in USJA is about $50 per year. They charge a fee for each rank test generally runs $20-30. Mossy Creek Dojo itself does not receive any money for rank testing.

Rank in Aikido is recognized through the Kaze Uta Budo Kai. No rank fees are charged for Aikido ranks.